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6th Grade Teacher

Taught By Erin Fightmaster

Students can look forward to covering all our basic subjects (English, History, Science and Math) as well as exploring Art History, music and issues concerning our world.

In English we will be reading books ranging from Front Desk  to Counting by 7's.  We will delve into the writing process and focus on 9 types of writing, such as biographies and argumentative essays.

For History we will spend the year exploring Ancient Civilizations. We will explore everything from Early Man to the fall of Ancient Rome. We learn to make comparisons from these Ancient Civilizations to our modern world.

In Science, the focus will be molecules and organisms, heredity, Earth's systems, energy, and also our impact on the Earth and its' environment. We will do hands-on projects and experiments.

Math will bring new challenges, as we learn more Algebra and Geometry concepts and hone skills necessary to transition to middle school.

I love art, and look forward to incorporating it into all subject matter. Additionally, I know how important it is to be a global citizen.  We will look deeply into current events and have thoughtful conversations that make us more empathetic to the people around us.

I hope to have fun with everyone and grow as a group this year.





Phone: 707-525-9223 x 116

Fax: 707-525-9432

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To be announced...

Field Trips

December 20, 2023- School wide skating trip to Snoopy Ice Rink, 11:45-2:30 pm

March 11, 2024- LBC, University of Wonder and Imagination, 9-11 am


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