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4th Grade Classroom

Taught By Melina Izzarelli

Welcome 4th grade families! I am thrilled to be joining the Kid Street team and look forward to getting to know each and every one of my unique students. Our first class goal will be to create an inclusive, welcoming and supportive learning environment in which all students feel safe and can thrive as learners and community members. We will challenge each other to be our best selves every day


As a teacher, I look forward to sharing a combination of both rich literature and fun, vibrant, informational texts with students, to be used across all subject areas. We will explore a variety of different writing styles such as poetry, opinion writing, narrative stories and research reports. Fourth graders will develop their skills in inference, identifying text structures and features, and understanding literary elements.

In math students will have continuous hands-on learning opportunities, projects and games to build skills in multi-digit multiplication, long-division and expand their understanding of fractions. They will compare fractions with interactive real-life models, determine equivalent fractions, as well as add and subtract.


One of the most rewarding things as a teacher is witnessing students observe, experiment and discover. With guidance, we will use our own natural curiosity, appreciation of nature, excitement and collaboration, to learn about the world around us. Whether we are learning about California’s Gold Rush period, the history of our native cultures, the geography of our state, or how the earth changes over time, we will actively learn through many creative and cooperative experiences!

Thank you for sharing your precious children with me! 

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