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2nd Grade Class

Taught by: Tiffany Blake

Welcome to second grade! In our class we are working on building a positive classroom community, and achieving our personal best. We believe in growth mindset, so we all work through challenges to build and develop skills. We are curious and use our questions to drive our learning. We celebrate our differences, and learn from each other. In second grade we are working on strengthening foundational skills in English language arts and math. We read a variety of books to encourage a love of reading. We learn multiple strategies to solve math problems. Science and engineering will be taught through hands on experiences. In Social Studies we start with what students are familiar with and work out to bigger picture ideas. Art is integrated into all content areas. In physical education we are working to gain more control over our motor skills. Throughout all areas of learning we are developing the skills to think critically and express our thinking. Most importantly we are experiencing how fun learning can be!

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