Kid Street Learning Center - "Teach to the heart, and the mind will follow!"
About Us

Our school motto, Teach to the Heart and the Mind will Follow, has guided us for over 20 years.

Mascot: Owl - We chose Lenny Hooterson as our mascot for the qualities of knowledge and wisdom that owls possess.

Kid Street Learning Center was founded in 1992 as an after school theater arts based program. Kid Street expanded into a Santa Rosa City School District Charter School in 1999 for grades K - 6.   

We are very grateful to all of you who support Kid Street. Whether you donate financially, donate your time and/or donate supplies, your generosity enhances our programs. We consider you a part of our Kid Street family. Thank you.

Why Choose Kid Street Learning Center? We have developed a holistic educational model that supports positive behavior, the love of learning and positive emotional development. We strive to find new ways to expand our program offerings.

Small class sizes and programs that support the whole child allow us to provide individualized attention based on each student’s needs. Academic support is provided through our 1:1 tutoring program during the school day and through homework club in our free after-school program. We have a one to one device ratio and have fully embraced the challenging Common Core standards. 

Enrichment activities include drama, sports, dance, service learning, cooking, science/engineering, art and gardening.  At Kid Street we believe that our students’ basic needs must be met in order for them to be successful and to learn. 

Our goal for each and every student is for them to meet their individual potential within the context of their family’s well-being.