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Public Hearing Speech to Support Charter Renewal 

Why Should You Keep Kid Street?
by: Stavros Kostakis, 8th grade student

I have been at Kid Street for the last two years.  Kid Street is one of the lesser known schools around and I am lucky that my family found it.  I love it here. The education we receive is high quality and taught not just by teachers, but by all employees who equally love all the students who go there . The school has a big impact on its local community. This school needs to stay open and it would be detrimental to the local community’s education if it were to be closed.  Kid Street is a safe place for its students and their families.   It is a home for all of us who are part of the community.
This school can be described as providing a service to the community. Students are able to engage in multiple enrichment programs such as, Gardening Club, Dance Club Chess Club, Kid Street News Bloggers, etc. There are also multiple field trips hosted here, we’ve been able to go to the Roxy Movie Theater,  The Exploratorium, and other amazing experiences. Learning here is fun and I feel it can’t be matched by other schools.  Our lives come into play with every lesson and our teachers take a genuine interest in our lives.   This creates for a positive learning environment for everyone.
This school is known for its thriving community. There are wonderful teachers that are here because they want to teach, not just for a paycheck. The families are impacted greatly through the school’s ability to address each child’s learning needs.  They do this through differentiated academic instruction and support.  Kids have more choice in their school of attendance, and their individual learning needs are able to be met, which results in bright children with even brighter futures. Kids get the education they deserve here at Kid Street Charter School.

A message from Principal Kathleen Mallamo

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Kid Street Charter School, home of the Owls, for another exciting school year filled with learning. Our Kid Street staff and faculty holds itself to high expectations that every student is given the opportunity to experience the educational process in a positive manner in order to reach his/her potential. 

We strive daily to reach every student so that all may become innovative, critical thinkers that collaborate effectively and contribute meaningfully in a technically advanced world.  We are especially pleased to be offering a new Middle School Program (grades 6-8) that incorporates Makers’ Education, values the individual talents of each unique student, and provides enrichment opportunities that challenge students to express themselves in new ways. 

It is through education that we as individuals are entitled the chance to move upward in society, maintain self and family, and obtain the skills needed to be productive citizens in the global community. 

Parents, I trust that your child’s experience at Kid Street will be a life changing one. The 21st Century presents our students with challenges and opportunities than ever before. I want students and families to take advantage of the array of services provided to enhance their growth while here at our school. From basic services such as food and to enrichment opportunities such as art, drama, and engineering, we want our students to leave our doors as well rounded, confident, and talented individuals.   

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time to discuss our program and opportunities.                       
Sincerely, Kathleen Mallamo

Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire. ~William Butler Yeats

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